We Manufacture Large, Complex Aerospace Subassemblies

The name, Orizon, is taken from the word, horizon, a critical line of convergence. It represents the course by which we come together to perfectly align with the interests of our customers. It embodies an attitude of unbounded thinking and requires looking beyond our current range of experience to new ideas and capabilities – always probing what could be.

Orizon founders and our team have years of proven experience in the airframe manufacturing industry and understand what it takes to be successful. Our approach is focused on creating an interconnected team with a common mission. We operate on a model that emphasizes over-communication and the importance of daily metrics tied to aligned incentives.

Orizon Key Facts at a Glance

Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri

Serving commercial, military/defense and general aviation

6 major manufacturing and assembly facilities strategically located in the Midwest: Chanute, KS; Grove, OK; North Kansas City, MO & Owasso, OK

Chosen as supplier of the year by our customers for quality and excellence

Capabilities include: major aircraft subassembly manufacturing, complex monolithic machining (milling/casting/turning) and processing (non-destructive testing/metal processing/paint)

$50 million invested in 2016 and 2017 in facilities expansions, machines and technology – featuring the most advanced Starrag Ecospeed large monolithic machining center

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