Aligning perfectly with the needs and interests of our customers.

Alignment isn’t accidental. It isn’t created by happenstance.

For Orizon, aligning with our customers requires continuous improvement. And never letting our reach exceed our grasp – no matter how high we reach.

From our capital investments and training programs, we’ve built a culture of unbridled curiosity, leading to new ways of thinking, working, and producing for you. And for giving back to our communities.

We’ve aligned ourselves with some of the biggest names in aerospace. And we’re ready to align with you.

Orizon Key Facts at a Glance

Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri

Serving commercial, military/defense and general aviation

Facilities are strategically located in the Midwest

-Manufacturing:  Grove, OK; Olathe, KS; Owasso, OK; St. Louis
-Processing: Chanute, KS
-Major sub assemblies: Chanute, KS

Chosen as supplier of the year by our customers for quality and excellence

Capabilities include: major aircraft subassembly manufacturing, complex monolithic machining (milling/casting/turning) and processing (non-destructive testing/metal processing/paint)

$100 million dollars invested in facilities expansions, machines and technology – featuring the most advanced Starrag Ecospeed large monolithic machining center

-7 Starrag EcoSpeed – High Speed 5 Axis
-14 Modig 5 Axis Rigimill – The fastest machine in the world!
-State-of-the-Art metal finishing – 102,000 sq. ft.
-Augmented reality
-3D Printing
-Digitized operating system
-One multi-site ERP system
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