Trusted, Strategic, and Aligned with Customer Needs

Orizon serves major aerospace and defense manufacturing markets in building complex subassemblies with time-critical precision, meticulous quality control and an emphasis on problem solving and risk management.

The company represents a new industrial supply model. Our standard is simply to always deliver a quality product on time. We proudly persist in meeting our customers’ highest expectations in all advanced machining processes.

Our expertise and experience is embodied within diverse market categories including commercial, military/defense and general aviation.

Program Management & Customer Service

Battle Update Briefings (BUB’s) – The core of our operations are Program Management and consistent communications. Regular, disciplined briefings and dedicated team meetings encourage prompt decision-making and close monitoring of project milestones and checkpoints, including visual progress indicators by tool.

Daily Standardized Metrics – Key performance metrics are charted and updated daily for easy reference. These measurements include closed work orders, machine hours, safety, scrap, cash, sales and more.

Ultra C-Lean Affordability – The safer, cleaner, more efficient, and metric-driven an organization can become, the more likely it is to achieve desired results and greater affordability. Orizon employs strict auditing practices and drives continuous integration with world-class discipline.