Orizon is where Careers really take off!

Apply today! Be a part of building something unique! We are building complex monolithic machined parts on Boeing 737 MAX, 777X, F-35 and HondaJet using the fastest, most sophisticated Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines in the world and supported by new innovative technologies like, Augmented Reality (AR), 3D Printing, Robotics, automation and digitization!

In order for us to accomplish our mission, vision and goals, we need to hire, train, coach, empower, encourage and reward talented associates. Simply put, if we don’t get the people process right, we’ll never fulfill our potential, individually or collectively, as a business.

Principles of Success

Orizon has found, through previous experience, that getting the basics right is the surest path to success. So our foundational principles are these:

  1.   Assemble the right team
  2.   Communicate the mission
  3.   Implement effective information system
  4.   Identify the right customers and products
  5.   Propose, implement and manage major programs
  6.   Keep score
  7.   Continuously improve through lean techniques, integration and standardization
  8.   Contribute to the communities we work in
  9.   Ethics: Do the right thing

Job Openings

If a career in aviation manufacturing excites you, and you’re willing to work hard and hone your skills, we strongly encourage you to submit your application and resume to see if you qualify.

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