Building Complex Monolithic Components

Orizon significantly enhances efficiencies and lowers costs and capital investment expenses for aircraft OEM’s by supplying large, complex, monolithic machined parts.

We employ highly advanced, high-speed 6-axis machining capabilities to produce large-scale, complex aluminum structures and assemblies. These include major airframe components, bulkheads, integrated structural panels, spars, skins, webs, floors, and other mechanical structures in dimensions as large as 248” x 98” x 28″ with the fastest, most sophisticated and highest metal removal equipment in the world.

Floor thickness is automatically measured by sonic eye in our Ecospeed CNC machining center, eliminating off-machine processes and reducing lead times. Jerk speed, change of direction and ramp up are also enhanced without any loss of accuracy.

All manufacturing operations are driven by sophisticated automation programs to ensure ultra-precision within exacting tolerances, as well as close monitoring for quality control in keeping with strict government requirements and regulations.