Recipient of Lockheed Martin 2023 Ahead of Ready Award F-35

2023 Ahead of Ready Award F-35 – Orizon Aerostructures


Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is pleased to announce Orizon Aerostructures (Duns #080939378) as the winner of the F-35 Ahead of Ready Award for 2023. We want to thank you and your employees for showing continued commitment ensuring those we serve always stay ahead of ready.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance combat, air mobility, and reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft, relies heavily on our supply base to provide key components required to meet our customer’s needs. You are an essential part of the team who helps ensure our customers know that at Lockheed Martin, Our Brand Means Quality. Your workmanship and support beyond the call of duty to help Aeronautics and our customers to stay ahead of threats is recognized and greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the future.

To celebrate this milestone and as a token of our appreciation, we would like to commemorate your achievement with a banner and certificate that will be shipped to your facility.

Thank you again for your partnership and your commitment to excellence.

Orizon in the classroom- Southeast Kansas Career and Technical Education


CTE is career and technical education. The misconception is that it is just vocational, and it’s not. It’s career, which fits every student. Twenty nine years ago, when I started, the mindset was every student goes to college. When I started talking to students about  there’s good money in trades programs, there was definitely a stigma there. And it wasn’t just the students. It was a lot of time from the parents.  WATCH VIDEO LINK ABOVE


July 2023 Manufacturing Today Feature- Building something unique



Henry Newell, President, and Charlie Newell, CEO, have been working together since 1996. The earlier days of the brothers’ professional

venture together saw them acquiring a number of businesses across different sectors, however they found a life-long passion in

the very first sector into which they dove. “The first company we purchased was in aerospace,” opens Charlie, “and regardless of the other industries we’ve been involved in, aerospace has always been our favorite. Our goal was to build something unique, for us that meant “a vertically integrated aerospace company,” and Orizon has taken many steps to achieve that objective.

“Indeed,” adds Henry. “Historically, between the tier 1.5 to tier two space, there’s never been a large integrated aerospace company that’s been built organically. So, although we did start with two small acquisitions,

We  have been working to fulfill this vision since 2016, and since then have greenfield over 650,000 square feet and grown our team to over 850 employees. The best part is, everything’s been organic, starting with assembling the most talented team in the industry, developing expertise in machining the most complex monolithic parts in aerospace, processing them in our own chemical plant with proprietary technology, and then putting them together into large complex assemblies.”

In doing so, Orizon is differentiated from the other 19,000 machine shops across

the US. As a result of climbing up the bill of materials (BOM) in such a way, and taking on larger assemblies, the organization has a far smaller pool of competitors to contend with…   READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE  Orizon MOD2- Building something Unique July 2023 Manufacturing today














At present, the business has three machine shops in Olathe, Kansas, St. Louis, MO,

and Grove, OK. These each feed into its chemical processing plant in Chanute, Kansas, which is accompanied by two assembly-only facilities as well.

“Our entire site in Chanute has been organically built, a true greenfield project,”















Henry states. “We are unaware of another newer or more technology-driven aluminum processing plant than Orizon’s 105,000-square-foot facility in Chanute.

It’s responsible for anodizing, penetrant inspection, painting and inspecting all parts, before they’re sent next door to our 200,000-square-foot dedicated assembly















facility. With tanks that are 30 feet long, 12 feet deep and three feet wide, this is where we process the most complex monolithic aluminum machine parts. They are ones that the industry relies on, which require a range of chemical treatments. We have prepared a bed/pit for future hard metals processing and are just one contract away from installation.”

US Senator Jerry Moran (KS) visited Orizon Chanute, KS Facility

Hosting My Annual Kansas Conservation Tour
Kansas Dairy Development in Deerfield
It was great to have so many people from across Kansas join me on this year’s Conservation Tour. This year, we were in Southwest Kansas and started the tour at Kansas Dairy Development (KDD) in Deerfield.


The purpose of this stop was to learn from KDD about the water conservation techniques they use to raise calves and run an efficient dairy farm. KDD has invested in energy free and overflow-free water tanks, and through these efforts, water consumption has dropped more than two gallons per head, per day across the facility. Thank you to Jason Shamburg, owner of KDD, for hosting us and for sharing his insight on sustainability and conservation of resources for our state.


Knoll Brothers, Inc. in Garden City
Our second stop was at Knoll Brothers, Inc. in Garden City. Shane and Zack Knoll operate an irrigated farm where they grow wheat, corn and sorghum. As fourth-generation farmers, they understand the importance of sustainable farming practices so that their family farm can continue for generations to come. Thank you to Shane and Zach for hosting us and for sharing their expertise with us during my Conservation Tour.


Circle Land & Cattle Corporation in Garden City
For the final stop, we visited Circle Land & Cattle Corporation in Garden City to learn about their water conservation methods to responsibly utilize water from the Ogallala Aquifer.


Circle Land & Cattle (CLC) was established in 1972 and was strategically developed with water pumped from the Ogallala Aquifer. As water in the Ogallala is declining, water conservation is a top priority.


CLC’s conservation efforts help support Garden City’s water supply enabling the city to continue to grow and meet the water needs of the community. Thank you to Circle Land & Cattle for hosting us and sharing insight into their success with sustainable water conservation.


On Sunday evening, prior to my 16th Annual Conservation Tour, I joined local leaders, education professionals, scientists and area agricultural producers to learn about and discuss the state of the Ogallala aquifer. We heard from industry experts on ways to mitigate depletion of the water supply and efforts to recharge the aquifer that is vital to the economy of Southwest Kansas.

Goodtimes Grill
Thank you as well to Goodtimes Grill from Copeland for serving us lunch during the final stop on my Conservation Tour. I first ate Goodtimes Grill during Dodge City Days and was excited they could serve more than 100 of us during the tour.


Hosting U.S. Army Chief of Staff General McConville in Kansas

On Thursday, I hosted General James McConville, the 40th Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, at Fort Leavenworth and Fort Riley. At Fort Leavenworth, we spoke to soldiers participating in the Army’s Pre-Command Course, a training program created to help future Company Commanders and First Sergeants prepare for command. These soldiers are the future leaders of our Army, and they display true commitment to service of our country.


During our visit to Fort Riley, we met with soldiers and saw some of the vital training capabilities this base offers. While Fort Riley has projected growth over the next several years, for further gains to be made, we have to overcome the current recruiting crisis. We are in the most challenging recruiting environment since the creation of the all-volunteer force. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I will continue to work with the Army to make certain they have the resources needed to address this crisis. Our visit to Fort Riley concluded with a chance to visit with local leaders in the Fort Riley community. Support from the community is critical in these efforts to maintain a strong national defense, and we are grateful to these Kansans for making the Fort Riley community a great place for its soldiers and their families to call home.


Thank you to General McConville for his leadership and for taking the time to visit these bases in Kansas, which continue to be a source of pride for our state. Special thanks as well to General Theodore Martin, Fort Leavenworth Commanding General and Fort Riley First Infantry Division Deputy Commanding General Niave Knell for hosting us, and to all of our soldiers and their families who sacrifice to defend and serve our great country.

Monica Bassett – 2022 Army Spouse of the Year
While at Fort Riley, I met Monica Bassett who was named the 2022 Army Spouse of the Year. A military spouse of eight years and mom of two, Monica is currently stationed at Fort Riley with her husband, Major Gregory Bassett. It was an honor to meet her and speak with her about the work she is doing at Fort Riley to serve our soldiers, their families and the surrounding local community.

Military service is family service. Thank you to Monica for her sacrifice, service and dedication to our military community.Image

Showcasing Kansas’ Contribution to Space
We are approaching the dawn of a new era in space. In the coming days, NASA’s Artemis I mission will launch on the first Space Launch System (SLS) rocket from Kennedy Space Center. Artemis I is an uncrewed test flight of NASA’s Artemis program to return astronauts to the moon and beyond.

I recently hosted the head of NASA in Kansas to showcase our state’s contributions to NASA and the Artemis mission. Watch the video below to learn more about Administrator Nelson’s visit to Kansas.


President Biden’s Student Loan Announcement
President Biden’s $300 billion plan to cancel student loans will fuel inflation and do nothing to actually lower the cost of higher education. There is no doubt that times are hard for many Americans, but canceling student loan debt is unfair to the millions of Americans who worked their way through college, chose careers that didn’t require a college degree, saved money and paid off their own debt or enlisted in the military. Forcing Kansans, who worked hard and played by the rules, to pay other people’s debt is not right.

Visiting Humboldt
On Tuesday, I was in Humboldt and met with a number of folks including Mayor Nobby Davis and City Administrator Cole Herder. I also toured the downtown square with Paul and Alana Cloutier of A Bolder Humboldt who moved to Kansas from California about five years ago. This organization was established to help bolster the community by connecting with large employers and identifying businesses to recruit to the area. They also help rehabilitate storefronts in the downtown district, which is now home to a confectionery store, a coffee shop, several restaurants, clothing boutiques and video golf.Humboldt’s efforts go beyond their downtown and are one of the reasons why the community has been featured in newspapers and magazines across the nation. Thank you to everyone who welcomed us into their stores and stopped for conversation.


Touring Orizon Aerostructures in Chanute
This week, I visited Orizon Aerostructures for a tour of their assembly plant in Chanute and to learn more about the work they do manufacturing aviation parts here in the heartland. Founded in 2016, this company services commercial, defense and general aviation. They currently have six locations, and the plant in Chanute is the newest facility.

In 2021, Blue Origin announced a multi-year partnership with Orizon to work on Blue Origin’s engine program and their reusable heavy-lift orbital launch vehicle. Because of the success they have seen with their southeast Kansas location, and the strong work ethic of Kansans who work in this facility, Orizon is looking to double its size. Currently, there are 378 employees working at the Chanute location.

It was great to hear about the continued efforts by Orizon to make certain aviation parts are manufactured domestically and specifically, right here in Kansas. Thank you to Orizon CEO Charlie Newell and President Henry Newell, as well as Charlie’s son Rick Newell, for hosting me during this visit. Thanks as well to Todd Newman, Chanute City Manager, Matt Godinez, Chanute Economic Development Director and Director of the SEK Regional Planning Commission and Jane Brophy, Chanute Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, for joining us.


Visiting KwiKom Communications in Iola
This week, I visited KwiKom Communications in Iola to learn from them about the work they do to provide Internet access to Kansans. First opened in 2004, KwiKom Communications provides high speed Internet coverage to 45 counties in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. One of their first business opportunities was helping grain elevators access the Internet to check commodity information. Today, they continue to work to help bring broadband access to rural areas of Kansas and to work with other providers to make certain that our Kansas communities are connected through reliable, high-speed Internet coverage. Thanks to John Terry of KwiKom Communications for hosting me during this visit and to Jonathan Goering, Economic Development Director for Thrive Allen County, for joining.


Attending the Manhattan Chamber’s Established Business Leaders Lunch
On Thursday, I attended the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce Established Leaders lunch group. It was great to join this group to discuss current issues facing the local Manhattan community. I expressed my shared goals of supporting Fort Riley, Kansas State University, the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) and other economic development projects like the Scorpion commitment. The Manhattan Chamber continues to be a driving leader in the community, supporting local businesses and promoting economic growth for the area. Thank you to Jason Smith, Chamber CEO, for the opportunity to stop by and visit with chamber members.


Touring Vortex Global in Salina
I recently visited Vortex Global in Salina, a family-owned company that employs more than 400 people in the community. The components produced by Vortex are used in the manufacturing process of food and beverages, plastics and chemicals, minerals and metal and pharmaceuticals. During this visit, I was impressed by the work ethic, dedication and culture of this organization, as well as the wide scope of equipment produced right here in the heart of Kansas. Thank you to Vortex CEO Travis Young for hosting me during this visit and for investing in the Salina community.


Attending the Alton Summer Jubilee Parade
It was great to be at the Alton Summer Jubilee Parade on Saturday and see familiar faces and speak with Kansans about the issues that matter to them. I also enjoyed the chance to talk with several members of the Alton American Legion during the parade.


Visiting VFW Post #8873 in Stockton
On Saturday, I also had lunch at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post #8873 in Stockton. It is always an honor to spend time with those who have served our nation, and I am grateful to each of these veterans for the sacrifices they made to protect and defend our country.


Kansans Helping the People of Ukraine
In times of need, Kansans always help others. In Wichita, Beth Hawkins is working to provide handcrafted quilts to the people of Ukraine. After seeing millions of Ukrainians flee their country following Russia’s invasion, Beth and her business partner Gina Halladay decided to help them by creating Wrap Ukraine with Quilts. Watch below to hear from Beth about this important initiative and the work being done to collect quilts from all across the U.S. to send overseas to Ukrainians in need. For more information and to support these efforts, you can visit:


Kansans in the Office
Capitol Tour
Jason Barnes of Holton

Lori Barnes of Holton

Laura Brancato of Lenexa

Ari Brancato Of Lenexa

Mario Brancato of Lenexa

Cindy Green of Lenexa

Ruth Schumann of Pittsburg

Bryan Thomas of Lenexa

Samantha Thomas of Lenexa

Matt VanDyke of Shawnee

Orizon – Rex Kelly : Tony Gunn Interview – Modig

I’m with my buddy Rex today. We’re at Orizon Aerostructures and we are going to learn a little bit more about how Modig and the relationsihp   with Modig has really helped them succeed over the last few years. 

So, Rex Thank you so much for being a part of MTDC.   You’re welcome. 

And let’s let’s first talk about the real relationship that you’ve had for decades at this point. 

What the modig and the modig family?  


Blue Origin Signs Long-Term Agreements With Four Kansas Companies to Support New Glenn Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicle and Engine Programs

Multi-year contracts showcase Greater Wichita region’s world-class manufacturers and historic leadership in aerospace innovation

WICHITA, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Blue Origin announced today that it has signed multi-year contracts with four Greater Wichita area companies: Accurus Aerospace Wichita, C.E. Machine Company Inc, Harlow Aerostructures LLC, and Orizon Aerostructures, LLC. These contracts will support Blue Origin’s engine programs as well as New Glenn, Blue Origin’s reusable heavy-lift orbital launch vehicle designed to support commercial, civil, and national security space missions.

“Accurus Wichita is proud to be a supplier partner with Blue Origin, and we believe these important programs will benefit from the deep aerospace manufacturing expertise in the greater Wichita area,” said Larry Johnson, President and General Manager of Accurus Aerospace Wichita, LLC.

“C.E. Machine is excited to have the opportunity to support ongoing programs supporting Blue Origin’s mission to create the next generation of astronauts. It is incredible to imagine that in the very near term these products will play an intricate role in the advancement of commercializing space travel. We are thankful for the opportunity provided by Blue Origin’s leadership team and are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership for generations to come,” said Ryan Smith, Director of Business Development at C.E. Machine.

“We are very excited and thankful to be a part of Blue Origin’s New Glenn Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle and engine programs. With the help of the Greater Wichita Partnership and Kansas Senator Jerry Moran, this opportunity will allow the next generation of Harlow employees a long career supporting Blue Origin, our community and our state. Thank you, Blue Origin, for allowing us to be your partner in this great adventure,” said Jim Barnes, President of Harlow Aerostructures.

“We are thrilled to join the Blue Origin team as a trusted partner and look forward to joining them on their great adventure to build a road to space,” said Henry Newell, President of Orizon Aerostructures.

“We at Team Blue are proud to forge supplier partnerships for our engine programs and New Glenn with these four world-class companies. The Greater Wichita region has played a pioneering role in aerospace that dates back to Amelia Earhart, and with these agreements, that legacy continues into the second golden age of spaceflight. We are thrilled for these manufacturers to join us as we write the next chapter of aerospace history. I want to thank Senator Jerry Moran and the Greater Wichita Partnership for hosting us in Wichita earlier this year and introducing us to these exceptional companies,” said Bob Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Origin.

About Accurus Aerospace Wichita

Founded in 1989, Accurus Aerospace Wichita LLC (formerly ZTM Aerospace) is a world-class aerospace manufacturing facility with a wide range of fabrication and machining capabilities. Offering mid-sized to large machined products and complex assemblies, Accurus is dedicated to providing the highest quality manufacturing to the aerospace sector. For additional information, please visit the Accurus Aerospace Wichita website at

About C.E. Machine

For over 40 years, C.E. Machine has been the leading provider of superior engineering, machining, and assembly services. Offering innovative solutions for the aerospace, commercial, military, domestic, and global markets, C.E. Machine provides highly specialized services to deliver complex assemblies and machined components for projects of every size. For additional information, please visit the C.E. Machine website at

About Harlow Aerostructures

Founded in 1956, Harlow Aerostructures is a leading supplier of complex machined components and electro-mechanical and structural subassemblies to the commercial, business, and military aerospace industries and is a certified FAA/ EASA Repair Station. Harlow is committed to maintaining a technological edge through new machine acquisitions, upgrades, and management information systems in its operations. For additional information, please visit the Harlow Aerostructures website at

About Orizon

Founded in 2016 and serving commercial, defense, and general aviation, Orizon’s capabilities include major aircraft subassembly manufacturing, complex monolithic machining, processing, and programming/engineering. Orizon is committed to building one, large, integrated Aerospace and Defense business based on organic growth strategy supported by unique people, systems, processes, facilities, relationships, and equipment. For additional information, please visit the Orizon website at

About Blue Origin

Blue Origin is a private space company developing launch vehicles, rocket engines, and in-space capabilities in order to lower the cost of access to space through operational reusability. The company has a long-term vision to enable a future with millions of people living and working in space to benefit Earth with low-cost, highly reliable commercial space transportation. For additional information, please visit Blue Origin’s website at


Will Boyington

Orizon Aerostructures recognized by Spirit AeroSystems for Excellence in Innovation

Kansas City, MO, September 22, 2021 – Orizon Aerostructures is awarded Excellence in Innovation by Spirit AeroSystems (NYSE: SPR).

This award recognizes suppliers that create value for their business through product and service innovation, quality, cost savings, supplier diversity and sustainability.

The Supply Chain Leadership Council recognized Orizon on August 24th, 2021 at their Supplier Symposium awards banquet in Wichita, KS.  “Orizon is honored to receive the Excellence in Innovation award from Spirit,” said Orizon CEO Charlie Newell. “Our talented team of associates is committed to providing innovative solutions to our customers through disruptive and proprietary manufacturing processes.   We are grateful for the award and look forward to growing our relationship with Spirit as a strategic, trusted, and aligned partner.”

Pictured left to right:

Alan Young, Spirit VP Fabrication & CPO
Henry Newell, Orizon President
Charlie Newell, Orizon CEO
Jim Cocca, Spirit VP Supply Chain Execution & Defense

About Orizon Aerostructures

Orizon manufactures large complex structural components, provides metal finish processing, and fabricates major sub-assemblies for leading airframe manufacturers in the commercial aerospace, defense, space, and general aviation industries. The company’s investments in digitized systems/software, proprietary engineering/ programming techniques, advanced machine tools, and automated assembly technologies provides affordable solutions for the largest Aerospace and Defense manufacturers in the world. Orizon is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, with HUBZone Certified facilities in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

More information can be found at the company’s website:



Orizon Aerostructures, LLC Announces the Acquisition of Wichita, KS based Sharp Edge, LLC and all related entities.

Kansas City, Missouri.  September 1st, 2021; Orizon Aerostructures, LLC announced its acquisition of Sharp Edge, LLC and all related entities (Sharp Edge), a contract programming company located in Wichita, KS.

Sharp Edge was founded in 2012 by owners James and Jenny Gordon as a contract programming company that features solutions using the latest technology and advanced machining methods.  Their services include CNC programming, tooling design, Catia 3D modeling, process documentation, CMM programming, and consulting services used to implement process templates, tool libraries, feed & speed data, and Lean Manufacturing.

“This programming team led by James and Jenny Gordon will be an excellent addition to Orizon,” said Charlie Newell, CEO for Orizon.  “Sharp Edge is well known in the aerostructures sector as one of the most talented groups of programming contractors in our industry.  Their expertise and capacity will continue to serve our industry for years to come.”

Sharp Edge currently employs twenty-eight associates who are focused on programming for 3, 4, and 5-Axis CNC machines that support large aerospace OEM’s companies such as Spirit AeroSystems, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Saab, and several top Tier I and Tier II suppliers in Wichita, KS and California.

“We are excited to join the Orizon Aerostructures team,” said James Gordon, Co-Founder and General Manager for Sharp Edge.  “This combination/partnership will allow us to work one on one with the machining centers designing customized programs and continue our year over year growth to meet the customer’s needs.”


About Orizon Aerostructures

Orizon manufactures large complex structural components, provides metal finish processing, and fabricates major sub-assemblies for leading airframe manufacturers in the commercial aerospace, defense, space, and general aviation industries. The company’s investments in digitized systems/software, proprietary engineering/ programming techniques, advanced machine tools, and automated assembly technologies provides affordable solutions for the largest Aerospace and Defense manufacturers in the world. Orizon is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, with HUBZone Certified facilities in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

More information can be found at the company’s website:


NMRMC receives $2.6M investment in recovery assistance

Chanute Tribune staff

In the midst of providing the community with COVID-19 vaccinations this week, Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center is doing cartwheels.

“We’re so excited,” said Anna Methvin, NMRMC Foundation director.

The US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) announced Thursday that it was awarding a $2.6 million CARES Act Recovery Assistance grant to NMRMC to establish the Southeast Kansas Impact Center for Wellness, Education and Business. This EDA grant, to be matched with $650,000 in local investment, is expected to create 256 jobs and generate $45 million in private investment.

“The awarding of these grant funds comes with sincere appreciation of our state and local partners in this project. This was truly a group effort and we are honored to have been selected,” Dennis Franks, NMRMC CEO, said. 

The center will house a workforce training center.

“The Economic Development Administration is committed to helping communities across the nation implement strategies to mitigate economic hardships brought on by the coronavirus pandemic,” said Dennis Alvord, Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development. “The new Southeast Kansas Impact Center for Wellness, Education, and Business will house a workforce training center that will be run in partnership with local businesses and clinic and telehealth facilities that will allow NMRMC to meet rapidly growing telehealth provider needs.” 

“We must use every tool at our disposal to rebuild a healthier, stronger Kansas following the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Governor Laura Kelly. “This grant will strengthen the local economy in Chanute and support the telehealth and workforce training needs in southeast Kansas by adding 256 new jobs and $45 million in private investment.”

Other legislators are pleased with the project, too.

“This grant is an investment in the people and economy of southeast Kansas, creating hundreds of jobs, improving telehealth services and providing important resources for workforce training,” said Senator Jerry Moran, R-Kan. “Thank you to the Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center for leading the charge on this initiative and the many healthcare providers and local businesses willing to work in partnership to bring this project to a reality. As the lead Republican on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies, I will continue to support the ongoing and critical mission of the Economic Development Administration to assist the economic activity of our communities, especially during this pandemic.”

The EDA grant will assist in the demolition of the existing, blighted former tuberculosis hospital located adjacent to NMRMC and the construction of the new Impact Center on the site. 

This project was made possible by the regional planning efforts led by the Southeast  Kansas  Regional Planning Commission, which EDA funds to help bring together the public and private sectors to create an economic development roadmap to strengthen the regional economy, support private capital investment, and create jobs. Some of the many people and organizations instrumental in this grant application include Gov. Kelly, Lt. Gov. David Toland, Senator Moran, Former Senator Pat Roberts, the Neosho County Commission, the City of Chanute, Charlie Newell of Orizon Aerostructures, Dan Mildfelt of Community National Bank & Trust, Alison Mih, P.E., Matt Godinez with Chanute Regional Development Authority, Susan Galemore, SEK Regional Planning Commission, Ross Hendrickson, MRH Insurance Group, the NMRMC Board of Trustees, and the NMRMC Foundation, to name a few.

This project is funded under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (Public Law 116-136), which provided EDA with $1.5 billion for economic assistance programs to help communities prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus. EDA CARES Act Recovery Assistance, which is being administered under the authority of the bureau’s flexible Economic Adjustment Assistance (EAA) program, provides a wide-range of financial assistance to eligible communities and regions as they respond to and recover from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

More info on NMRMC:

About Orizon Aerostructures

Orizon manufactures large complex structural components, provides metal finish processing and fabricates major sub-assemblies for leading airframe manufacturers in the commercial aerospace, defense, space and general aviation industries. The company’s investments in digitized systems/software, proprietary engineering/ programming techniques, advanced machine tools, and automated assembly technologies provides affordable solutions for the largest Aerospace and Defense manufacturers in the world. Orizon is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, with HUBZone Certified facilities in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.